Travel to North Korea?

From where? From Seoul?

So many people still suspiciously asking us! Our answer is always same of course!

Tour to Mt. Kumgang & Kaesong became a symbol of peacemaking for future of North & South Korea. So this place is no longer segregation place to visit. Now days this place is fully opened to people who wants to visit. Even American can also visit and enjoy these places.

This tour has been started over 10 years from year 1999. First transportation was by ship and bus for now to cross over DMZ and demarcation line.

Tour to Kaesong is also wonderful idea. It only takes 2 hours drive to North side from Seoul. It can be all done by one day.

Now Korean peninsula became new place to visit and experience. Seoul is the starting point.


– 2N3D Basic Program

– 2N3D Special Program

– (escorted tour)

– 1N2D Weekend Program


– One Day Basic Trip

– One Day Special Trip

– (escorted tour)

– 1Night Hotel + Day Trip

Trip Length : 2 Nights / 3 Days

– Begins in : Seoul

– Departure Date : Basic : Every day

Special (with tour guide) : 2nd, 4th Sunday

– Highlights : Trekking, Hot Spring, Acrobatic show. Point is you can stay in North Korea!!!

Mt.Kumgang contains many attraction and beautiful natural scene.

Experience 3 kinds of tracking (or hiking) course, natural hot spring and most famous North Korea¡¯s Acrobatic show. Also experience the expert service from hotels, restaurant and drink bar.

Mt.Kumgang tour will give you a chance to see real people in North Korea and enlightening experience!

Breakfast(Free ¡æ Included)

Guryoung Waterfall Course

Manmulsang or Samilpo/Haegumgang Seashore Course

1st day 2nd day 3rd day
08:30 start from seoul 07:00 Breakfast (Free) 07:00 Breakfast (Free)
13:00 Arrive at Hwajinpo ASAN Resting Place 08:00 Guryoungyeon fall 08:00 Manmulsang or Samilpo/Haegumgang Seashore
13:30 Issue the ID
Collect mobile phone.
12:30 Lunch/Free time 11:30 Lunch/Free time
14:10 Inspection
(Transfer to bus and meet with tour guide)
Pass through DMZ
14:00 Samilpo course ($10), Hot spring($12) or free time 12:50 Departure
15:30 North Korea Immigration office/Inspection 16:30 Acrobatic Show(30USD)
Dinner(USD12~) & Free Time
13:15North Korea Immigration Office/Inspection
16:30 hotel check in 18:00 Dinner & Free Time 14:00South Korea Immigration Office/Inspection (transfer bus to Seoul)
17:00 Dinner & Free time 19:00Gamudan performance ($10) 19:00 Arrive Seoul


How to make a reservation!

Internet access, phone and visits are all available to make a reservation. It will be much convenience if you bring your passport when you visit our office.

On your reservation Photo (face shows mainly & color), copied passport are compulsory to bring. Please send us within 3 days by email (

All reservation has to be made at least 2 weeks before the departure date. And for more safely we suggest you take a month to make a reservation.

Permanent residence in Korea needs to be holding enough period of visa.

Otherwise the document will refuse to receive a reservation.


After complete of reservation payment has to be made within 3 days.

Either cash or credit card is available to make a payment.

Incase of wire transfer we will pass information regarding wire transfer.


Confirmation letter will be passed to customer¡¯s email address or phone call and week before the tour date customer will receive a Boucher
This Boucher will be needed when you board on bus or issue a pass.


Banned items

– Mobile phones and other communications devices are not permitted.

You should keep your mobile at ASAN Resting Place when you issue the ID.

When the tour will be finished, you can get that back.

– Cameras with telephoto lenses of more than 160mm and binoculars with zooming capabilities of 10 times or more are banned.

– Battery chargers, PDAs, notebook computers, calculators & CDP, and MP3 players.

(All Banned items will be put in the safety box until the tour ends and be back to south area)

– Except private medicine All Medicines (Drugs) with no prove of ingredient, uses, poison, toxic chemicals are not permitted.

– Except guidebook and personal readable. Over size printed matters, picture, keyboard and recording tape is not permitted.

– Counterfeit note is not permitted

– Weapon, bullet, explosive, military supplies, deadly weapon, inflammables are not permitted.

– Items from a plague spot are not permitted to carry in

– Others (not suitable to carrying around for tour)

Other regulations

(1) Photographing

– Not allow taking a picture while you transfer to north side and in the DMZ area.

Not allow taking a picture with Kaesong city background.

– You should not focus the lens of a camera to North Korean, soldiers, and guide for any purpose. Please remind that If you offend against the rules that you will have to pay penalty ($10~$100)

(2) Use of money

– Mainly Dollar is acceptable and credit card is also available.

– In south side you will able to use Korean won.

– Money exchange is available at Nong Hyup Bank (Located inside Onjunggak)

But only Exchange is available.

(3) Others

– Please be ware of trash any rubbish or picking any natural plan (stone, sand, flower, tree nutting etc.) and wash your hand at valley is strictly not permitted.

– Non-smoking in Mountain area.

– When you travel in Mt. Kumgang you will see a stone or tombstone with some word written in, you will not allow to point them in finger and make them damage.

You must always wear your ID around your neck. You will get fined incase of damaging ID card.

Things you need to prepare.

– Hotels do not provide a shaver, toothbrush and toothpaste.

– Suitable clothes for Mt. Climbing. (Mountain climbing boots)

– No passport! No tour!


Course Date Age Off Season Normal Peak High Peak
Special 2nd, 4th Sun Adult 390,000 440,000 490,000 590,000
Middle school 350,000 390,000 430,000 500,000
Primary school 320,000 350,000 380,000 450,000
Under 7yrs old 150,000 150,000 150,000 150,000
Basic Sun~Thur Adult 320,000 370,000 420,000 520,000
Middle school 270,000 320,000 360,000 450,000
Primary school 250,000 290,000 320,000 400,000
Under 7yrs old 130,000 130,000 130,000 130,000
Fri~ Sat Adult 320,000 430,000 470,000 610,000
Middle school 270,000 380,000 410,000 540,000
Primary school 250,000 350,000 370,000 490,000
Under 7yrs old 130,000 130,000 130,000 130,000
Friday Pack Fri All 280,000 360,000 380,000 480,000

– Basic(No guide)- Everyday, Special(English/Japanese tour guide)-limited date

– Friday Pack(1N2D in Mt.Kumgang) tour: Bus fee to Geojin terminal is not included